Running Costs

Dries in Hours - Not Days.....

TOP TROCK drying systems dry with a large volumes of air (approx. 200,000 litres per hour) at a moderate temperature of approx. 38°C avoiding the need to generate a large amount of heat.
In conventional systems it is the need for heat generation that consumes a large amount of energy.

The drying effect is directed to the inside of the garment to the exact position where drying is required, removing the need to heat up and ventilate a whole room or cabinet.

Also, due to the fast drying time, the system is only switched on for a short period (3 - 4 hours) rather than running overnight. A heavy duty 4 hour timer is fitted as standard and helps conserve energy by preventing the system from being swithched on and left to run un-necessarily overnight.

Annual Running Costs - Including Maintenance

Each warm air blower consumes 1.3kW per hour.
Based on estimated us of drying 6 complete sets of kit (approx. 4 hours) three times a week.

Weekly consumption of each blower equals 12 hours x 1.3kW = 15.6kW

Total weekly consumption = 15.6kW @ 11pence/kWh (estimated) = £1.72 per week

Replacement Filters (1 set per year, filters changed every six months) £40.00
Fitting costs (half hour per filter estimated @ £20.00/hour) £20.00
Electricity costs 52 weeks @ £1.72/week £89.44
Total annual costs £149.44
All prices exclude VAT